research year

well, i’ve found an office to occupy (Occupy Office!) until they either give me one or give up and let me have this one. ¬†and i’ve written a bunch of emails. i feel terribly productive already.

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last postcall of intern year. Today is off to Newport, RI for a wedding that isn’t ours! then I’m back to the VA for a day of CT surgery, then off to burn surgery, the first month of 2nd year… oh, it’s exciting!

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Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the NFL. It pains me to say that. But he’s more mature than he was a few years ago; he’s learned not to throw his teammates under the bus. And his arm is as good as it’s ever been. impressive.

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oh god case logs

who knew that it would be so much easier to do this on a daily basis? unfortunately, i didn’t do that. so instead, i’m doing them now. blech.

intern year(n)- the time of a surgical resident’s life when they reinvent the wheel over, and over, and over…

To be fair, when I was a MS4 my chief Roy (hi Roy!) told me to do this every day. Apparently I’m just getting to learning the lesson.

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back to the VA!

first goal of tomorrow- cut down the census. I don’t care how many patients there are, there’s never a need for more than one page at the VA. Or any other service that isn’t trauma. anything else is ridiculous. especially if you have two HOSPICE patients. on a surgical service. you know what a hospice patient isn’t getting? surgery.

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coming out of a hot postcall afternoon i …

coming out of a hot postcall afternoon into a cool apartment is a blessing. having an interested, happy cat is even better. off to mail a letter or two. if i feel particularly adventurous, i might even go do something vaguely cultural…

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labor day.

it’s labor day, and i’m not working. is that ironic, or appropriate? it feels weird to be out of the hospital, and a break today is either good for my psyche or not, I haven’t yet decided.

the new rotation is challenging, in part because I have a chief that is really challenging my weak points. in some ways she’s making me better, but it’s hard to feel bad and learn simultaneously. i’ll just need to get better to pull through the month. there are 23 days left in september, and after tomorrow there will be one less. hopefully I can construct new and better meaning out of the remaining 23 days than i did out of the first seven… this month isn’t about operating, and it’s certainly not about learning lots- i may have to chalk it up to “personal management,” or “stress control,” or “tazo’s first ulcer,” or something.

I did have one good moment this last week, when one of the cardiothoracic surgeons let me do part of a thoracic case. it was cool to be in the OR again, even doing something.

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